Customisation we do provide

For those who need comfort as per their specific and unique requirements of size, thickness, foam, means, health, etc., customized mattresses have proven to be a one-stop solution. Not every space or person is contented with readymade mattresses due to generalized design specifications. Some patrons like to build their own luxury in their own way and we at Bhartiya Sleep Gallery help them realize their dreams in a few simple steps.

You need to choose a type of foam combination that is best suited to your requirements from a variety of foams like Bonded, High resilience, Memory, High density, and Supersoft. Each foam serves a different purpose in terms of comfort and support. Our professionals help you understand the benefits of different combinations of foams to make your decision-making easy and appropriate.

We offer numerous options in color and design pattern for the cotton quilted fabric of your mattress. You can choose the combination that complements your personality to experience the feeling you like.

To provide the product as per your unique requirements, our experts will collect note-perfect measurements of your bed to produce a mattress that fits impeccably well. No matter what combination of length, width, and height your bed size have, we make it happen.

Once we have all your specifications and requirements, our industry specialists work meticulously to produce the mattress of your dreams. As per the given measurements, we asses and work out a combination of different foams, keeping in mind the desired level of support and comfort. Then, the ready core of the mattress is upholstered in the fabric of your choice to finally get your mattress delivery ready.

All the mattresses go through our standard quality checks after the customization. From the order finalization, we usually take 5-7 working days for the production before the customized mattress is delivered to your doorstep.